This is me…

I am in love with photography. I have a camera…have a diploma saying I know some fundamentals about the art of photography… but my problem is I don’t make nearly enough time to actually be a photographer. How sad. What is holding me back? Well, simply fear! Fear of not reaching certain standards set by myself. You will learn very quickly that I am super critical of myself. Such a tug-of-war! It’s also fear of criticism – it’s ok for me to crit myself to death, but I get super nervous about what others think. Again, how sad!

Getting all this out of my head-space is an attempt to.. well… get past these shackles of fear!  Because until I can let go, I will always be linked to the chain of 8-5 unhappiness…the mundane life confined to a desk, typing away angrily, sorting though endless amounts of spreadsheets, arriving in the morning with a heavy heart, counting the hours of my day (my life) away, getting excited about a Friday simply because that means 2 days of freedom… haha WOW!

So, I will upload a photograph taken by myself once in a while – because I am a commitment-phobe, so cannot commit to how often this will happen – and I will welcome any criticism as a learning opportunity.

I must just say… LotsHappeningUpThere will not only be about photography, more so about everyday me.

I am not a professional writer or photographer or anything other than dreamer actually.


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