A Mysterious Fascination

Many things fascinate me. From what makes people tick, to coffee art, to Egyptian geese… let’s just say my fascination is diverse!

One such thing that has gripped my grey matter… is the very popular & public disappearance of 3yr old Madeleine McCann. Since she vanished in 2007, I have found the reports & stories so interesting. Even more so that there are so many unanswered questions. Where is this child? 

Some say the parents had something to do with her disappearance, some say there was a known paedophile in the area where they vacationed, some say she was trafficked, some say she is dead & buried and then there’s the forensic artist’s impression of what she’d look like at age 9.

Every time I find myself in a bookstore, I gravitate towards the biography section & it’s as if subconsciously I always pick up a book about what someone has to say (while making loads of cash doing so) about this little girl & the crazy, weird, suspicious circumstances around her going “poof” Oh I’ve even started looking in the library for more literature on the subject. But it’s not an obsession – just really a now-and-then fascination 😉

I guess we’ll only know when she is found – dead or alive unfortunately. Because let’s face it… If she’s been trafficked & married off or stuck in a dungeon somewhere – those creeps won’t be blogging about her.

Maybe I should get into the elusive “dark web” there’s something else that fascinates me!!


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