Euro trip day 2

Hello Athens 🇬🇷
What a warm welcome! It’s hot out here, it’s supposed to be autumn – haha! Well I guess this is a Mediterranean climate. 

Ok, so the 1st thing that catches my eye? They have a train line straight down the middle of the highway…what? That’s pretty cool! With train station stops! And their trains also have graffiti, but not like ours – neat graffiti. As if it was meant to be. Graffiti art 🤔 quite beautiful. 

I will never drive here, just can’t wrap my head around everyone driving on the wrong side of the road 🤣 Well, it’s wrong to me coming from South Africa. 

Right, all settled in & time to explore, even if it’s time sensitive 🙄 I went to the mall of Athens where I saw some familiar brand stores and some that were completely Greek to me…literally 😆

Went into a supermarket to check out (ok, ok! Compare) their items to what we have back home. Yoghurt! Greek yoghurt! And they can call it that because it’s actually made here! This one 👇 is sold in a terra-cotta pot, very unique. 

Feta!! WoW, the selection of feta & cheeses in general was very impressive 👌 this is just the tip of the iceberg👇

Then their ice creams 😮 If I could, I probably would have bought one of each, just because they look so good👇

And off I go to explore this mall some more. Without buying anything haha!
And what do I stumble upon? Bakeries!! Lots of bakeries, with breads, tarts, pastries 😯 Take a look at some of these👇

After some mandatory work time, dinner was arranged at Cookoovaya. A very upmarket, posh restaurant. Lots of different starters shared, each one had their own main – my choice a perfectly cooked sirloin, on a bed of mushroom purée & caramelised onions 👌 have a look below

Our hosts were so excited about this restaurant’s dessert (sweets) menu, they just ordered two of each!! Chocolate brownies(which I steered clear of), pear tart which I tried & am happy to say it was delicious, not overly sweet. Then there was a fancy tower of phyllo pastry filled with cinnamon ice cream. The waiter proceeded to make a show of breaking them apart for the table 😅 absolutely divine & entertaining too!

Great hosts & great food – a perfect way to enrich an existing business relationship. 

Stay tuned for more exciting tidbits 😀


Euro trip day 1

Leaving Cape Town on route to Istanbul 🇹🇷 

The first thing I remember loving when I travel, is hearing different beautiful accents. Today I am flying with Turkish Airlines for the first time. Before the plane left the ground, they had bumped my seat up because of a pre-existing condition (after signing a pretty standard disclaimer) but then they kindly asked if I was traveling alone or with anyone, so they could inform them if anything happened to me during the flight. They also offered to move one of my two travel companions to sit next to me, but I’m a big girl 💪 and I got this! Plus, I know my two travel companions are loving their seats, so why inconvenience others because I have a completely manageable condition. But, thanks for the kind gesture Turkish Airlines 💫

Let’s hope this is a positive start for my trip. Now let’s get going 🛫 Many more accents to hear