My Pics

All pics featured here were taken by myself

I love trees and this one ☝️ is showing me some love too!

Yes please… I’ll have one of those πŸ˜€

I read somewhere if bees become extinct, humans won’t last longer than 4 years on earth 😳 Save the bees!!!

Seems like he has a lot to say…?

From the top of Table Mountain. Clouds making an appearance between the mountains

Feeling tiny inside the Cape Town Big Wheel… the views are fabulous πŸ‘Œ

Cocktails with a view of Table Mountain. My gorgeous hometown.. Cape Town

Nature’s stairway to heaven? Maybe not, but there’s an open gate & I’m exploring beyond it πŸ˜€

Door art. How beautiful? Taking something old & often useless and transforming it with a little creativity. Yay for creativity!

As the sun goes to sleep, there’s still so much beauty to be captured!

It looks like a tropical beach, but it’s actually a lake in the middle of an apple valley! So serene 😊

Ahh a crisp Autumn morning. Fresh air, beautiful surroundings. 

My love affair with Autumn 😊 

My love affair with Autumn 😊 the gorgeous colours nature spoils us with, the crackling leaves beneath my feet, the unpredictable weather, warm days… chilly mornings and evenings. Just sublime!

Really enjoyed the way the light played amoungst the trees… with a backdrop of threatening rain clouds. I did get soaked in the rain later that eve πŸ˜†


Flying high off Signal Hill…take me with!!


Beauty Among the ruins, renewal of life after devastation of fire – Silvermine, Cape Town


Apartment block in Long Street, Cape Town. I love this style πŸ™‚


A corridor of pillars – Rhodes Memorial Cape Town


A fascinating hole with bars… to keep something in, or keep something out? – Rhodes Memorial Cape Town


I love trees. In different light. In different seasons of their life.


My take on ‘Rule of threes’ in full manual, loving the natural light


My take on ‘leading lines’ Where are your eyes drawn to?


Sail Boat at Cape Point

Sailboat passing the lighthouse at the tip of Cape Point Nature Reserve – Cape Town


Cape Town City Walk of Art – Men, Women & kids showcasing their talents


Meeoow… Just watching the passers by – Cape Town Company Gardens


One of Cape Town’s pride & joy – the 2010 World Cup Soccer Stadium


Fresh fish at Kalk Bay Harbour – Cape Town Beautiful πŸ™‚


A talented young man reading his favorite literature – Cape Town City Walk of Art


A skip & a jump from home. the huni & I love this little precious eatery… Chelsea Village – Cape Town

Nature's Garden Sticks

Messing about with some manual modes on my camera, one of my first shots I felt proud of πŸ™‚ – Cape Point Nature Reserve, Cape Town


Yes! I will see all these places some day… And I’ll tell you all about it right here πŸ˜€


Just chilling in the sun on a rock in a National Park – Cape Town


I love trees! Even if they seem like they have nothing to offer, there’s still beauty in there…


This is the city I call home – Cape Town. This is the iconic Table Mountain


Beautiful sunset lighting up the clouds


This is Devil’s Peak, Cape Town



Birds! They fascinate me. They can be so cute & fluffy or turn nasty & vicious!


Sunbathing – the Seal way πŸ™‚


A typical Capetonian Day – at the beach. This surfer is Proudly South African.. I like it!



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