My first Kidult party!

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve picked up on some new interests over the past couple months. One of these is Coloring in for Adults – relaxing with art.

My curiosity led me to flipping through a book in store & I fell in love with the sketches. (Needless to say I purchased it!) Somewhat mesmerizing, the little girl in me was awakened as these images drew me in. Coming home from a rough day at the office, picking up my colour pencils & settling down with a cup of coffee… I found I was losing track of time while just completely relaxing.

So imagine my delight when I found a group on Facebook, hosting a Kidult party! Essentially, it’s a kid’s party for adults 😀 Hosted in a quaint little coffee shop (Am I in heaven?) in Kalk Bay this past week-end, tables filled with color pencils, pages of sketches to be filled with color by all those attending – it was different, yet I didn’t feel weird at all. (Don’t ask me why I thought I’d feel weird in the first place)

I sat at a table with 5 complete strangers – medical students, a father, a self-employed lady, a photographer – all there for the same reason. To just be a kid again! It was also really cool to see other people’s approach to coloring. Some keeping within the lines, others just going free-hand, some blending colors. Really inspiring!

It was a really cool experience. After two hours, I was very eager to mention I’d certainly be interested in the next party. I chatted with Joy – the hostess, whose name really suits her – and told her what a great idea I thought it was & I wished her much success. Check out her site here:

Below are some of my first color attempts…I love them 🙂