Big Little Bugger

I’ve often been asked why I’m afraid of creepy crawlies.

It’s not so much a technical fear, knowing what their bite can do or how deadly their specific species is. It’s more about the sensation of them crawling over my skin. My mind plays tricks on me that way! Pictures form in my head-space that often involve this one creature multiplying on my skin. As if I have a special secretion that will allow it to do so.

My reaction to seeing anything with more than two legs/arms, scurrying across the floor or wall is usually a gut wrenching yelp! The kind that may have my neighbours thinking my darling boyfriend is slicing my skin with a blunt object… when in fact he’s usually rushing to save me! (What did I do before he became my spider-chasing hero?)

That doesn’t make it any less of a fear I don’t think. I know logically that I am bigger than this creature, I have the power to save it from my human dwelling & set it free back into nature where it belongs. But, even knowing all of this, reminding myself of it… when it happens all logic goes out of the window! I just want to squish it & make it go away. Then I get grossed out by squishy bits left behind & often feel bad.

Unfortunately… little fella… it’s me or you in that heat of the moment! Because my mind is in fight or flight mode! Most times I go with “flight” There is the odd occasion when I feel like Wonder Woman & go with fight.

And I always win!