Isn’t that corny…

I very rarely forget a dream.

Often, my dreams are vivid, detailed, sometimes gory violent, sometimes riddled with emotion – so much that I wake up with those very emotions, sometimes extremely pleasant & happy… I’m not one of those dreamers regularly falling off buildings or being chased or screaming with no sound coming out. No, I am living in another world most times in my dreams. I am seeing people I haven’t seen in years or don’t even know, I am doing things I don’t normally do, liking things I don’t normally like, etc.etc.etc

Just last night, I dreamt about corn. (I know, right?!!) Well, a deep discussion was being had about how to hold corn so you don’t burn your hands. An older person suggested the best way is by using a pair of pliers. This was happening on one of those American style front porches, with lots of open land & probably around dusk. I remember looking up at the sky & smiling.

Shortly after the first suggestion, I remember a roaring laugh & then some chatter about how ineffective that was. I kept thinking… what about those little spike thingies? Why is no-one suggesting that? Just as I was about to put forth (what seemed like my ground breaking idea!) there were birds… lots of birds. Not in a creepy way, but suddenly there was no more corn, or talk of corn. I felt so robbed! Maybe the lesson here was: Speak up! Or eat more corn! Who knows 🙂
Now, this often happens in my dreams… Instant change. One minute I could be in tropical paradise, the next on a race track. LOL The wonderful world of inside my head-space!
Even in dreamland, there’s lots happening up there!