This is how my 2017 started…


What a wonderful way to welcome a new year! Sunrise swim and an opportunity for some cool beach shots 🙂

Weekly Photography Challenge: Ambience


A moment missed…

I was extremely sluggish this morning… more so than usual. I’m a selective morning person, by this I mean when something exciting is happening – like an early morning beach swim, hike, road trip, something with a purpose other than “going to the office” I’m up at the crack of dawn!

So off I go, wiping my weary eyes, going through the motions. Then, while driving, I felt my insides awakened by a gorgeous sunrise. I could literally feel my eyes open wider. Now, I live in Cape Town, so our sunrises and sunsets are absolutely stunning! But this morning, as I came to the top of a bridge, my first instinct was… “Stop the car, get your camera & capture this!!” I had such an internal struggle because I really wanted to, but because I was running late & didn’t want to “look bad” walking into the office 10 minutes late (micro-managed under an iron thumb!) – I didn’t stop.

I can still picture what I saw this morning, with sadness in my heavy heart 😦 No two sunrises or sunsets are the same. So my chance has passed. I won’t dwell on this, what could have been or what isn’t. I just needed to get it out of my head-space – so I can concentrate on my 12-Tab Excel sheet I’m (supposed to be) working on 😉

The lesson I take from this experience is, when you have an opportunity to do something which excites you, awakens your grumbly insides, or just makes you smile… you must grab said opportunity!

So will I stop next time? Keep an eye on ‘My Pics’ page 🙂

What did I take away from listening to Jon Reid – travel photographer

If I could walk out of my 8-5 desk job, I would be a travel photographer. I’ve always known this. Simply because I am curious, love exploring, being absorbed by a new culture, making new connections & I know there is so much out there – waiting for me.

Last night I attended a talk at the Cape Town School of Photography . The speaker was Jon Reid of Nomadic Vision. A teacher turned travel photographer.

I must say, I hung on every word! It was as if I was the only person in the room & he was having a chat with me…then some random voices popped up asking questions. But, what I took from this experience is a lot of what I already knew & more of what I didn’t even think of!

When you hear “travel photographer” you think… Wow! Imagine travelling the world, taking photographs of your journey & being paid for it. What I know is – its hard work. Your success is determined by your effort, more so than your talent. Jon spoke about exactly this. Saying, his shots are not the ones that would necessarily get 1000’s of likes on Instagram, but he is gripping you with the emotion of the shot, opening your imagination & drawing you into that far away land. I absolutely identify with this!

He touched on how & where he started. It’s taken him 10 years to get where he is today. (Reminder to self: Success is not achieved overnight. Check!) Jon spoke about travel challenges, imagine your flight is cancelled & you have to be somewhere because this is your job! How does he overcome these challenges? With a little creativity – he calls it creative problem solving. I love that 🙂 The preconception is that all photographers must be creatives, after all their work is art, right? Well, no… Creativity comes in many different forms. And as he explained, solving problems for the challenges he faces, is his creativity.

Aside from getting to-and-fro challenges, there are countries rules & regulations you need to get past. Needing permits for locations & permission from authorities for all sorts of things. And with that, come costs. Researching your destination ahead of time, interpreting & understanding the brief you’ve been given by your client. Jet lag, acclimatizing, being fit enough to handle walking for hours with your gear, having back up equipment or available funds to replace if your gear is damaged, stolen or lost. These are some of the things I never thought of. And now my eyes have been opened.

I like that Jon spoke to us about his business as a travel photographer. He shared tips, insights & good advice overall.

I left the talk feeling motivated, awe inspired & a bit emotional – because it hit home. There’s nothing stopping me, but myself. I did not leave feeling deterred by those challenges. Life is full of challenges. If you are doing something you are passionate about, you will go the extra mile and beyond.

Eye love…

I’ve often said, I hope I never lose my eyesight. I see beauty in so many things. This is why I love photography so much. To capture an image that made me smile for some reason and to share that with someone else. A picture can transport you to a world you never knew existed. A picture can open your mind to wandering streets of far away places. A picture can make you feel! How powerful is that?!

Do feel free to check out some of my pictures on the “My Pics” page in this blog. I’ll welcome any comments you’d like to share.

Today, I’m sharing one pic in particular. Simply because it’s cold & rainy in Cape Town and this pic reminds me of how glorious our summer was. (Although, Autumn is my favorite Season… 😉 )

Proudly South African

Proudly South African Surfer